From the desk of Fernanda Lind
Barcelona, Spain

Ready for complete freedom around food and to finally be done with overeating?

Read on, I’ve got an exclusive opportunity for you.

Knowing the success of my premium program Rewired Eating many of you have asked me for support to stop overeating, emotionally eating and binge eating and finally I’ve had the opportunity to give this my full attention.

I have created a 30-day program, ideal for times like these when you are at home, maybe you've been isolating (and probably eating more than ever) and really HAVE to get your eating under control.

This program is based on (ok, stolen from!) the exact same principles that I used to teach in the signature program Rewired Eating but I’ve distilled it down to the MOST POWERFUL lessons and created a 30-day intensive rewiring process that takes you from:

  • constantly obsessing about food, what to eat, what not to eat
  • feeling completely out of control around food
  • struggling with focus and clarity as your head is filled with food thoughts
  • guilt and shame around your body
  • gaining weight while isolating

To finally:

  • having reclaimed your power over food
  • being able to say no to the urge to overeat
  • feeling confident again (maybe even loving yourself)
  • stop the weight gain (and maybe even lose the weight)

What I'm offering is the most transformative lessons I've created, from over 25 years of research on neuroplasticity and food addiction.

This is a no B.S. approach - no food rules, no food plan, no ridiculous workout regime. 

This is a method on how to STOP overeating for good and not want to overeat ever again.

It’s an exclusive offer, created for all of you who are now struggling with overeating more than ever and who are ready to finally reclaim your power over food.

I want you to take me up on this offer. 

Here’s why:

This premiere launch of the 30-day program is a one-time opportunity.

This is for grown-ups. It’s for people who actually want change NOW and who don’t want to waste one more day struggling with food and their confidence around food.

In order to change your neuropathways, you’ve got to commit to DOING the work and if you’re not willing to actually DO the work then this is NOT for you. (Seriously, don't buy this)

But if you’re sick and tired of overeating, feeling more hopeless every day because you can’t get your eating under control then this is your chance to have your freedom back.

As part of the 30-day food freedom program you get:

- Weekly lessons covering the ”how-to” rewire your brain to stop overeating
- 30 days of daily micro assignment so even the busiest person can follow through
- A powerful guided meditation that trains your brain to stop overeating
- An extensive FAQ audio library with all the common food freedom questions answered

Here’s why this will be one of the best investments you make right now:

  • You’ll finally learn WHY you can’t say no to food
  • You’ll break decades of suffering which will give you a renewed sense of inner peace (so needed in these challenging times)
  • It will allow you to focus on your work, your business and your family (instead of being hijacked by food thoughts all day long)
  • You'll learn the practical tools and simple techniques that have been tested on hundreds of women and proven to work. No fluff or theories.
  • Once you learn how to rewire your brain you’ll be able to apply the same principles to end the habit of worrying, of panicking which is CRUCIAL in these times.

"I am phenomenally grateful for this opportunity to do this 30-day course. It was such a gift. Thank you for turning your pain into treasure. You have sprinkled gold all over the world. Thank you so much, Fernanda. You should be so very proud of the essential and life-changing work you do. With immense gratitude and appreciation!"

- Lauren

So how much does the 30-day program cost?

The program is worth a million bucks. I’m totally serious here…because what is it worth to you to finally have reclaimed your power over food?

What would it be worth to you to not struggle with food day in and day out?

What would be possible?

Obviously I’m not gonna charge a million dollars but what would it be worth to you to learn how to rewire your own brain and break a destructive habit that sabotages your ability to enjoy life and be happy?

How much do you spend on junk food, random crap, take out and comfort foods? If you’d ask me, food freedom is priceless. It not only saves you thousands a year but it frees up your mental space to pursue your goals and dreams.

Research shows that people spend on average $10,000 a year on comfort foods. That’s an average of nearly $1,000 for 30 days.

$1k for 30 days.

But I’m not gonna charge you that either.

››The investment for this Food Freedom program is only $397‹‹

Yes, you read that right.

And to make the decision easier for you I’m giving you a HUGE incentive to join NOW.

I’m taking off another $200 if you join during this premiere launch.

That means you can get started on your food freedom journey for just $197.

This is a no-brainer and I will not be offering this program at this low price point ever again.

Why so low?

I thought about it hard. These are challenging times and I know a lot of you are struggling right now. With food, with finances, with yourselves. I wanted to make this available for as many of you as possible.

I want you to have your food freedom. You DESERVE that. I really know how it is to struggle with overeating and how crippling it is to live in a food prison.

This is a one time opportunity.


The program begins on Monday.

Don’t miss this opportunity! I will never offer this again at this low price point.



P.S. This is your chance to join with the
$200 discount. This special price of $397 $197 will not be offered again. Join before this offer goes away.